Nicole Dieker

Full-time freelance writer since 2012. 

Author of the Larkin Day Mysteries and the perzine WHAT IT IS and WHAT TO DO NEXT.

About Nicole

Nicole Dieker is a writer, teacher, and musician. She began her writing career as a full-time freelancer with a focus on personal finance and habit formation; she launched her fiction career with The Biographies of Ordinary People, a definitely-not-autobiographical novel that follows three sisters from 1989 to 2016.

Currently, Dieker writes the Larkin Day Mysteries and the perzine WHAT IT IS and WHAT TO DO NEXT, both of which are published through Shortwave Media. She also maintains an active freelance career; her work has appeared in Vox, Morning Brew, Lifehacker, Bankrate, Haven Life, Popular Science, and more. Dieker spent five years as writer and editor for The Billfold, a personal finance blog where people had honest conversations about money.

Dieker lives in Quincy, Illinois with the great love of her life, his piano, and their garden.


The Larkin Day mysteries

A Millennial-aged amateur detective who practices old-fashioned sleuthing in a world of smartphones and social media.


A quarterly zine about understanding reality.

The Biographies of Ordinary People, Volume 1

A family saga that follows three sisters from 1989 to 2016.

The Biographies of Ordinary People, Volume 2

The three Gruber sisters go from childhood to adulthood.

Reviews and Praise

"Dieker excels at depicting how real people think and act."
"Dieker writes with unrepentant honesty about the human condition, crafting the story of the Gruber family with subtle narrative tension and the central claim that every life is worthy of a biography."
ODE TO MURDER is refreshing, and definitely recommended for fans of a good mystery. But it’s also a great read for anyone who, like Larkin, is searching for a new story that can reach them in surprising, unexpected ways.

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Nicole Dieker teaches music, writing, and the business of freelancing. If you’d like to work one-on-one with Nicole—or if you’d like to hire Nicole to teach a class or lead a webinar—let her know!

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